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Social media marketing – Professional service for digital marketing or social media marketing.

Jyotindra Zaveri can provide as little or as much help as you need along the way from strategic planning, consulting, training.

Blog or responsive website development, creating and managing social media profiles including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ etc.

Digital marketing and social media for you to connect with your audiences, ignite conversations, improve your visibility and expand your influence – call for my innovative marketing ideas

  • Social media marketing is neither quick nor easy, as you might have read. But Social media marketing is affordable. First social business or social commerce, should be in the DNA of your marketing team, especially your webmaster. Social media marketing simply put is word of mouth marketing on internet. Most people by a product or services when a friend recommends or talks about it or in social media parlance Likes it.
  • Digital marketing include newspaper websites, Blogs with responsive HTML5 technology so that it can be viewed on any mobile device and any operating system such as Android or iOS or Windows. Digital marketing includes social media marketing and social media audits.
  • I have proven track-record and testimonial. I assure you one-to-one attention, because I do not delegate your social posts to a junior. I have necessary experience of 30+ years in handling information technology. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs…..since 1975, with business management solutions. I have guts to tell you what you may not want to hear but must hear to drive results.
  • My expertise in the digital marketing technology can help you build bridges between your organization and all stakeholders which include your prospects, customers and employees. I will be able to take your marketing to the next level. Let us discuss your budget and timeframe.
  • Professional service to carry out search engine optimization and social media optimization by review and analysis of social network insights and data analysis such as Facebook insights, Twitter following, YouTube statistics, LinkedIn profile optimization, Blog readership via Google Analytics, etc. These analytics help to understand the tone, sentiment, frequency and topics of online conversations.
  • I can create and manage focused groups (communities) to gain insights into brand perception and market needs.

I am a social media marketing consultant. I am a social media management specialist. Your online media partner. Your online brand manager. Let us go social. I help creating and implementing your digital marketing strategies. If social sites not done well, brand may fail. Unleash the true potential of internet marketing.

Wondering why I have written same message in many ways?

Why so many ways to say the same thing? Actually, these lines are read by you (human) as well as spiders or robots! This is because, when spider (also called crawler) reads these words and associated keywords, it will list web page in the search engine index (e.g. Google search engine). Got the point? Website content and keywords are meant for humans as well as for search engines. This is the basics of Search engine optimization or SEO.


By Jyoti Zaveri


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